My new EP has four tracks the first track '“What’s Goin On” is a song i wrote about a relationship i experienced which started to change for the worse and all i wanted to do was find out what that person was thinking and how i could help to take things back to when we first met.

The second song is called “Summertime” this is definitely ‘the clues in the name’ type of song as some of you may know my favourite season is summer so i just had to write a classic chilled song that fitted those sunny vibes.

Number 3 is ‘Never Gonna Get There’ a song where i just wrote straight from my heart an honest tale of an experience we all have gone through at some stage of our lives with someone you love, too much water under the bridge, mistakes cant be taken back and all our actions have consequences, u try and try but u just know you are ‘never gonna get there’so you just have to accept it and move on.

Last but by no means least “She sits alone in her room” Now we all know that sometimes we just feel low for whatever reason it is, big or small and i have seen my close friends and family feel the same way too, I wanted to write a song that showed, that when you begin to give up hope you need to begin to trust,love and grow within yourself as you are the only person that can do that and that no matter what happens you have you! YOU are beautiful YOU are amazing YOU are loved by YOU

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